Square Enix @ E3 2015 Preview & Analysis

Square Enix is the second company putting on an E3 press conference for the first time. And after moving their time to not conflict with Nintendo’s Digital Event, they’ll also be the last one. As such, there’s not too many expectations going in besides getting more info and gameplay on projects being made by Square Enix’s own in-house teams and those run by their European branch headed by Eidos Interactive.

The real hope here is just that they don’t become the next Konami when it comes to E3 pressers.

Games We Know About

Square Enix’s press conference is going to be stacked. Squeenix has so many big titles that they’re likely to omit several titles that could be headliners at any other press conference.

The company known for JRPGs will most certainly show off a few. We already know that, at most, we will get just a short teaser for Final Fantasy XV, but Kingdom Hearts is almost assuredly going to be there. Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward launches at the end of the week of E3, so mention at the presser is likely, though assuredly not too much time will be spent on it. Bravely Second: End Layer likely won’t be in the Nintendo Digital Event, so perhaps Square Enix puts it in there. Finally, there are quite a few JRPGs that we know are coming to Japan that could be announced for the US, including the 3DS port of Dragon Quest VII, as well as Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, and if we’re really lucky, Dragon Quest X.

The other side of the coin for Square Enix, which really fills out the stacked roster of titles, are those brought to the table by their western developers. The hyped Just Cause 3 and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will likely both be at the show, giving us the first look at gameplay for each. Less likely to show is Triad Wars, the spinoff to Sleeping Dogs, which is small enough to leave off, and Rise of the Tomb Raider, which will likely see its time at Microsoft’s show instead.

If there is time after all those big titles, Square Enix might consider sliding in a trailer or footage of the next episodes of Life is Strange. Considering the other games they have, though, it seems this will be the first game on the list to be cut.

Expected Announcements

Square Enix is a lot like EA this year in that they have suck a good lineup of games, that they shouldn’t have any need to announce something new. However, there is one single announcement that will likely be made at E3, and that is of the newest iteration of mainline Hitman games. The existence of the game was known about before E3 last year, and the official Hitman Twitter account let loose in January that the reveal was coming sometime this year. Square Enix has a press conference, there’s no doubt that this would be the best place to have it.

Bold Prediction

Outside of Dragon Quest X getting a western release, Dragon Quest XI being announced, or Final Fantasy VII getting an HD remake, there’s nothing all that crazy I can see Square Enix pulling. So I’m going to go a little simpler.

My bold prediction is that Kingdom Hearts III gets an extensive look at this year’s E3 showing and is given a release date. While it’s more likely going to take another year like Final Fantasy XV will assuredly need, a Kingdom Hearts release at the end of the year would be huge. The director for III made it clear that everything from Disney was on the table, and if Star Wars is announced for inclusion, a side-by-side release with Episode VII would be the most optimal timing.

In any case, Kingdom Hearts III should be one of the biggest parts of this show, and if a definitive release date isn’t given, we should at least know a window, either for late this year or next.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Square Enix Predicted Lineup

  1. Deus Ex: Manking Divided
  2. Just Cause 3
  3. Rise of the Tomb Raider
  4. Hitman 6
  5. Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward
  6. Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness
  7. Bravely Second: End Layer
  8. Kingdom Hearts 3

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