Bethesda @ E3 2016 Preview & Predictions

So last week I failed in my mission of posting a new article on this blog each week. But I’ll make it up to you! In a shocking turn of events, I’m actually putting out my E3 prediction articles a few weeks in advance of the actual expo. Each day this week I’ll post a new article focusing on all the press conferences taking place this year.

Everything seems a little mixed up though. EA moved it’s presser from it’s normal spot sandwiched in between Microsoft and Sony and instead is taking the lead and holding it before even Bethesda on Sunday. Square Enix isn’t back and Nintendo, one of the big 3 console manufacturers, are only showing a single game– instead holding their cards for a big NX reveal further down the line when they can have all the attention.

But to start off, we’re going to follow last years order, and that means it’s time to talk about Bethesda.

Bethesda in Years Previous 

Historically, Bethesda hasn’t had a press conference. Even after last year’s excellent presser, they were very clear that a Bethesda E3 Press Conference was not going to be an annual occurrence– and with good reason. Bethesda is a third party publisher but it only publishes games for a small number of studios: Arkane Studios, Tango Gameworks, MachineGames, id Software, BattleCry Studios, and their own in-house studio.

Last year, Bethesda showed off Doom, Dishonored 2, and Fallout 4, while talking about Elder Scrolls Online & BattleCry– two online-centric games that are constantly in development (albeit the latter has been in beta for what seems like ages now). Additionally, they did show off an Elder Scrolls-themed card game that seems to be Bethesda’s answer to Hearthstone, and an excellent mobile game called Fallout Shelter.

With two of their biggest games last year– Doom and Fallout 4 already releasing, though, what could Bethesda even have up its sleeve to decide that it was worth putting on another E3 Press Conference?

Known Bethesda Games

If there was ever a game more obvious to be Bethesda’s big game this year, it’s Dishonored 2. Last year we were treated to a cool cinematic trailer alongside the announcement that the original Dishonored was getting the Definitive Edition treatment. This year, it’s honestly gameplay or riot, and since Bethesda is smart, I’m betting on the prior.

BattleCry and The Elder Scrolls Legends should also be expected, if not for anything other than to fill space in between what likely won’t be more than a few important titles that they’ll want to focus on.

Speaking of filler, it’s a pretty safe bet that there’ll be another expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online. Last year saw 2 different expansions in Imperial City and Orsinium, and we’ve already gotten Theives Guild this year.

Alongside that, the past few Fallout and Elder Scrolls games all had a few expansions, so it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to expect one for Fallout 4 to show up at this presser. And if DLC is on the minds of more than one of Bethesda’s developers, we could even see Doom DLC show up as well.

Predicted Games

Last year, Bethesda was very easy to read. The only games that weren’t predictable were The Elder Scrolls Legends and Fallout Shelter. Of course, I wouldn’t rule out something like that happening again, but even if it does, those are still small announcements, so I wouldn’t expect any big surprises.

But looking at the list of titles Bethesda would have if they didn’t announce anything new, it certainly does not look like enough to hold a press conference over. Dishonored 2 would be their big game, and that would be it.

So what else could they even announce?

The most likely thing to expect is a new title form Tango Gameworks, the Shinji Mikami-led studio responsible for 2014’s The Evil Within. While likely not to release in 2016, a 3 year development cycle would certainly be more than enough for a talented, experienced team to release a game in early 2017.


Or Bethesda could be looking further ahead.

MachineGames, who last worked on 2014’s excellent Wolfenstein: The New Order and the 2015 stand alone title Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, could possibly have a new title out by 2017 or 2018. Even more out there, some have contemplated the possibility that Bethesda Game Studios could even have The Elder Scrolls VI to show off as their big title at E3 this year– a sentiment I’m not sure I agree with since the same studio just spent 4 years producing Fallout 4 which released late last year. With the studio taking on average 2-4 years to produce a new open world game, I wouldn’t expect a new title from the studio until at least 2018. But if Bethesda were to show it off early, they certainly could.

Bethesda E3 2016 Predicted Lineup

  • BattleCry
  • The Elder Scrolls Legends
  • The Elder Scrolls Online Expansion
  • Doom DLC
  • Fallout 4 Expansion
  • Untitled Tango Gameworks Title
  • Dishonored 2

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