5 GameCube Games That Should Be Released on the Switch Virtual Console

All this week, I’ll be publishing varying lists detailing games I’d like to see on Nintendo Switch leading up to its release on March 3. Yesterday we looked at five Wii U games I’d like to see ported to Switch.

Today we’re looking into the Switch’s assumed Virtual Console, specifically the rumored inclusion of Game Cube titles into its digital catalog. Now the GameCube has an unusually diverse and deep catalog for a post SNES Nintendo console, and if I’d have it my way, every single GameCube game would be on Switch. But knowing Nintendo that won’t be the case, even given years to add content.

So here are the 5 GameCube games I’d like to see on the Switch’s Virtual Console.


Super Smash Bros. Melee 

Despite my comments on Smash 4 in the last article, Melee’s inclusion isn’t for me. For a long time, the Melee community has been clamoring for an HD remake. I very much doubt that will ever happen, but the next best thing would probably be the title ported to function without lag on an HD console. If Nintendo can manage that, they can try to draw that audience to their newest console, and allow it to grow by presenting Melee to a new audience.


Gotcha Force

Everyone keeps telling me about Gotcha Force. It sounds cool, and it’s certainly a cult classic on the GameCube. Also I have never played it. Also it’s going between $125 and $300 on Amazon right now, so I’m not likely to in the near future. The Virtual Console is about the only place I can still hope to play it without breaking my wallet.


Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

Speaking of expensive titles, Path of Radiance has finally crossed the $100 threshold on Amazon, which is a shame for one of the best Fire Emblem titles out there. Considering the recent surge of love for the Fire Emblem franchise, I don’t doubt that many consumers would be very interested in trying out this GameCube classic, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo decides to meet that demand.


Pokémon Colosseum & XD Gale of Darkness

I’m cheating once again by including Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness in the same section. Nintendo hasn’t made a big console Pokémon game with a sense of adventure since these two titles. Pokémon Battle Revolution released on the Wii, but it was more of a series of battles than a title that let you explore. Hell, the studio behind these titles hasn’t worked on any titles of this scale since. Because of their uniqueness in the franchise (not to mention the way their prices have slowly been inching up online) I’d love to see them show up on the Switch’s Virtual Console.


Metroid Prime

Sans Melee, Metroid Prime is the most obvious title on this list. It was the best selling title in the franchise and, despite the doubt of many fans, successfully transitioned the franchise into 3D– creating a title constantly talked about on the level of the masterpiece, Super Metroid. But the franchise itself has fallen on hard times. Titles have thinned out in the past decade, and the last two, Metroid: Other M and Metroid Prime: Federation Force received harsh backlash from fans. After two huge commercial flops, it’s possible that Nintendo is doubting the franchise’s legs in the modern gaming landscape. The best way I can imagine to convince Nintendo that fans still want more Metroid is for the series to be more available to new fans, and for those fans that want more to purchase what’s available. Metroid Prime could be that catalyst.


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