5 Nintendo Franchises That Should Make Their Return on Switch

All this week, I’ll be publishing varying lists detailing games I’d like to see on Nintendo Switch leading up to its release on March 3. Yesterday, we looked at 5 GameCube games I’d like to see released on Nintendo Switch’s Virtual Console.

Today is the day of all our hopes and dreams: the 5 Nintendo franchises that I’d most like to see make their return on Nintendo Switch. Before I start, I just wanted to give a shout out to Star Fox. I don’t particularly want a new entry, but after Star Fox Zero, it’d be nice if Nintendo made a new one, but with good controls.

Endless Ocean

Nintendo just seems to manage to make comfortable, thoughtless leisure fun and engrossing. Endless Ocean hasn’t seen an entry since its initial two titles launched on the Wii. The franchise’s developer, Arika, has spent the time since mostly making games in the Dr. Mario franchise. As a title about exploring a beautiful ocean, a new title taking advantage of the HD graphics of the Switch would make perfect sense.


Nintendo tries not to make a new title in a franchise unless it’s using a new mechanic that makes sense in the context of the title, and they’ve noted that they’re not sure such a new mechanic exists for F-Zero. In that regard, I hope they’ll make an exception. Since the last title in the franchise, F-Zero GX, launched on GameCube, the series’s leading character, Captain Falcon, has become one of Nintendo’s most popular, but only as a fighter in Super Smash Bros. But with this opportunity, surely there’s room for Nintendo to develop the franchise and its vast cast of characters.


This is a bit of a weird choice because there have only been two entries in this series and they both released way back on the NES. But this western-exclusive series is one of the best Zelda-likes in existence and would offer Nintendo another series that could make use of large open worlds, among other things. Also the main character uses a yo-yo to attack. I’m just saying.


Come on, did you really think this list was going to happen without Metroid? I’ve been playing through all the 2D Metroids recently and even now, it’s obvious why fans have been clamoring for a new entry on either side of the franchise. Nintendo may be cautious due to the poor response to their last two titles in the series, but make no mistake, the only reason those games did so poorly was due to how far they strayed from the Metroid formula, not because no one wanted a new title. Releasing a new Metroid, especially a 2D title (whose worst entries are arguably still masterpieces), would do a lot to shoring up longtime fans who aren’t yet 100% in on the Switch.

Kid Icarus

Kid Icarus: Uprising is one of my top 5 favorite games on the 3DS, and I even enjoyed and managed to beat the 3D Classic release of the original title. As it stands there isn’t really any definitive way to nail down exactly what the series is. The first two titles on the NES and GameBoy were 2D platformers but the most recent title was a mix of an on-rails and 3rd person shooter. That kind of dichotomy makes it feel like the series has room for Nintendo to experiment with its genre. The only key parts they’d need to keep to satisfy fans like myself would be the lovable characters, witty writing, and the difficult gameplay.


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