5 Upcoming 3rd Party Titles that Should Release on Nintendo Switch

All this week, I’ll be publishing varying lists detailing games I’d like to see on Nintendo Switch leading up to its release on March 3. Yesterday, we looked at 10 Nintendo games that I’d like to see remastered in HD for Nintendo Switch.

Today, we’re taking a foray into possible third party titles. There are a lot of announced games coming out this year and in the future for other consoles and PC. Here are the five I’d most like to see release on Nintendo Switch.

Agents of Mayhem 

Saints Row has slowly evolved into one of the most fun and ridiculous open world franchises out there, and as a follow-up to the Matrix-Superhero escapade of Saints Row IV, Volition announced this hero-based, open world, spiritual successor. While it’s hard to say whether the game could function on Nintendo’s less powerful console, it would arguably be the best fitting open world title for Nintendo’s brand. Sure, Saints Row is completely not-safe-for-work and I’m sure this title will be no different, but the cartoonish style and zaniness would be a great inclusion on the go.

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite

One of the best games on Wii was Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, which used the 2-character teams of the classic Vs. titles. Capcom is bringing that back for Infinite, and now with a console that automatically has two controllers built in, it makes sense for a 2-player fighting game to come to the system. (Albeit it’s almost certain that anyone really into fighting games won’t want to use those controllers to play it) If released, it would immediately become the best fighting game on the system, meaning it could dominate the market on the console.

South Park: The Fractured but Whole 

When making this list, I tried to think of what game would be the least graphically intensive third party title that could work on Switch. Unsurprisingly, The Fractured but Whole was the most obvious answer. Past that, it certainly doesn’t fit in with the Nintendo’s brand. The aggressively politically incorrect TV show would be an interesting addition to the Switch’s lineup, but it’s always nice to see some M-rated color added to an otherwise family-friendly library.

Zero Escape: The Nonary Games

So a series released exclusively on Nintendo consoles is getting a compilation release on PS4. I can’t find any reason that this doesn’t make its way to Nintendo Switch one way or another.

Kingdom Hearts III

Behind Agents of Mayhem, this seems the least likely to find its way onto Nintendo Switch. Especially if it turns out to be as big and graphically intensive as Final Fantasy XV, which had a hard time keeping a consistent framerate on PS4. But the Kingdom Hearts franchise just feels like it belongs on Nintendo consoles, despite being more closely tied to PlayStation. That’s shown through as several releases in the franchise released solely on Nintendo handhelds. It would be fitting to see the game that ties the series together release on every line of console that the series released on.


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