6 Games that Could Help Sell the Nintendo Switch

All this week, I’ve be publishing varying lists detailing games I’d like to see on Nintendo Switch leading up to its release on March 3. Yesterday, we checked out 5 3rd Party titles that, while not currently announced for Switch, I’d like to see come to the system anyway.

Today, we’re sticking solely to the games that have already been announced for Switch. Specifically, 6 titles that will undoubtedly help sell the Switch to consumers.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 

It’s obvious that the most anticipated Nintendo game in years would be a system seller for Switch. The Zelda franchise may not historically sell that many consoles, but releasing at launch when Nintendo wants to get all the hardcore fans to jump on is the perfect time to do just that. And if the early signs are any indication, it might be a really special title that could draw the attention of more than just hardcore Nintendo fans. After all, open world games have led to an uptick in console sales often this past decade.

Splatoon 2

This may not be as much of a system seller for the west, but Splatoon is huge in Japan, and Nintendo really wants to lock the country down. Plus, with added emphasis on the competitive side– with additions of LAN support, spectator mode, and some semblance of voice chat– the sequel to Nintendo’s colorful and original shooter could very well draw attention to itself for years to come. That alone could easily add value to the console when Nintendo tries selling it to consumers.


Minecraft is the biggest game in the world, and even though it’s available everywhere else, the versatility of the Switch could offer a type of experience that could really sell well over other consoles to those parents considering buying a gaming system for their child. Plus, considering that the Wii U had exclusive content, it’s entirely possible that the Switch version could have even more added value than its competition.

FIFA (and other EA Sports Titles)

Like Minecraft, FIFA is available basically anywhere. However, is it available both at home and on the go in one package? Personally, I haven’t been interested in buying another EA Sports title in years, but the proposition of getting a game of FIFA or, for me, especially Madden, has me really pulling for more of those titles to make an appearance. There are many consumers who buy consoles solely for these titles, so to offer a console that plays all of those games with the versatility that the Switch provides would be an added boon to its sales.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Yes, the game first released over 5 years ago. Yes it is available on a laundry list of other consoles and PC. Yes, it seems that the version releasing on Switch is not the Remastered version that released last year on PS4 and XBO. But Skyrim on-the-go? I’d buy that again. It’s such an interesting proposition. If Skyrim sells, then you have to wonder how many other franchises might find their way onto Switch just to see if consumers would purchase a console-quality “on-the-go” version of their biggest titles.

Super Mario Odyssey 

Mario has long been the biggest system seller for Nintendo. Often because it’s the first major game for each system, and because they’re very good games. But even in the middle of a console’s lifespan, they can move units. Every Mario game that released on Wii saw an uptick in sales that quarter, from Super Mario Galaxy to New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Releasing in the first holiday season of the Switch’s lifespan, Odyssey appears to be the climax Nintendo will be building towards all year with intent to sell the Switch not only to gamers, but to everyone else as well. And considering the plumber’s firepower, it might just do it.


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