Friday Hot Takes – 6/9/17

All the video game news from the past week and also how to feel about it.

  • Ghost Games finally used 2015’s Need for Speed reboot to convince EA that they should be allowed an extra year to add things to the sequel that were missing in the prior game like “story” and “content.”
  • Capcom is making the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2. Packed full of great Mega Man games like the one with Bass and also the other three. Featuring such great and well loved robot masters as Spring Man, Clown Man, Sheep Man, and apparently-not-DC-copyrighted Aqua Man.
  • EA’s really not doing much to make me want to buy their sports games this year.
  • A good game came out. Didn’t expect that this week, did you?
  • The Pokémon Company disappointed two different fanbases in one reveal by announcing the wrong Pokémon and wrong Wii U fighting game port for Nintendo Switch. Also of note: I barely played the original Pokkén Tournament and I’m still thinking of purchasing DX just for Decidueye.
  • Meanwhile, Game Freak does exactly what they’ve done the past 20 years and announces they’re releasing a pair of games on the old system despite the new one being out, and that those games are updated versions of the generation’s first games and EVERYONE LOSES THEIR MIND.
  • Oh also, lost in that was the real travesty: they’re releasing Pokémon Gold and Silver Version BUT NOT CRYSTAL?!?? COME ON!
  • Hey! Remember Battleborn? No? Okay. There’s a free trial. It’s their last ditch effort to gain that big esports audience they’re probably never going to get.
  • Xbox is broadcasting their E3 Press Conference in 4K, but I couldn’t possibly imagine why.
  • It turns out announcing a new game when the extent of your development has been tech tests on the engine you’re making it with is a recipe for disappointing fans when you don’t show up at E3 multiple years after because, “Surprise! The game isn’t done yet.
  • Can’t wait for Xbox’s advertising campaign, trying to make consumers think Scorpio is going to be just THAT much more impressive than the competition, to shockingly be not that big of a leap.
  • If you haven’t been reading my weekly hot takes, you may actually be shocked that Shenmue III is getting delayed into 2018. Which still seems like a stretch. The Over/Under 2020 at this point seems like an even bet.
  • THE F@#$ DO YOU MEAN FORTNIGHT IS COMING OUT?!?!! I’m more impressed they actually decided to finish development instead of cancelling it… because… idk, a team-based, zombie-shooter, new IP now?
  • CD Projekt Red recently told Glixel that they won’t be showing Cyberpunk 2077 at E3 here. I would assume in response, apparently someone stole their design documents for the game and are holding them for ransom.
  • The CGI version of Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World looks amazing. However, the real version won’t show up until 2020. And also probably won’t look anything like that.
  • Hey do you want to see something you didn’t expect, or need, or really even want? Well guess what! Bubsy’s back! 2017 was a hallucination all along.

Hey everyone! E3 is this week! And you can catch 6 Special Edition HOT TAKES after each E3 press conference starting with EA’s not-an-E3-press-conference, tomorrow. See you then!


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