Bethesda held another press conference this year. They heard me ask whether they had enough games to fill an entire, hour-long press conference and answered with a resounding “NO.” So let’s run down everything that happened.

If you want to watch it before reading all the HOT TAKES, you can do so here:

Here’s everything you need to know and how to feel about it.

  • I almost forgot that Bethesda always tries to make their press conferences seem like they’re just friends of your’s that just want to share what they’ve been working on. Which is fine until you remember that they’re trying to sell you something, then it feels just a little creepy.
  • There was a time when E3 press conferences involved extensive time talking about how the previous year has gone, and it’s weird to think that Bethesda is the one company that’s still kind of keeping up that tradition considering they only started doing these 3 years ago. At least they had the sense to minimize it to mentioning a few games in order to get the crowd involved and get it out of the way quickly.
  • People kept telling me they were going to have VR. I didn’t believe them. Shame on me. Then again… after watching that Doom VFR trailer, I kinda wish I was right. Teleporting instead of actually moving? In the fast-paced Doom? I don’t know about that. Wait… VFR… I see you, id Software.
  • Now Fallout 4 VR, that looks like a good VR port. I mean it was just a first person trailer, which has proven to be a bad way to show why VR is necessary, but it’s not hard to imagine how it could work.
  • Bethesda decided to take their yearly “we released an Elder Scrolls Online expansion like last week” trailer in kind of a crappy direction by showing off people on YouTube reacting to a trailer, cut in a way that made the entire thing hard to follow. Wait, are they trying to make the bear a thing? Because you don’t get to decide that. That’s my job.
  • So did Bethesda hire Nintendo for this? Because it’s basically a Digital Event at a stage show. Which makes me wonder why they were doing a stage show in the first place. Yeah, I’m going to need to add a new rule to the “Building a Better Press Conference” handbook.
  • Were you a fan of paid mods?!?!?! Well first of all you’re a monster, secondly, I hope you and Bethesda really learned your lesson, because they’re back with the somewhat similar-sounding Creation Club. Maybe they won’t mess it up this time.
  • They showed a trailer for The Elder Scrolls Legends, and they’re adding stuff to it. Was this game good? I… I’m gonna be honest, I never even think about this game outside of Bethesda’s E3 press conferences.
  • Okay two things: 1.) I can’t believe they spent time on the Switch port of Skyrim, but also 2.) I’m so happy they did, the Link addition is hilarious and makes me want to buy this game again even more.
  • The buzz around the announced Dishonored 2 DLC reminded me that despite owning Dishonored 2 and multiple copies of the original, I still haven’t played either of these games. No wonder a supposedly very good game last year drowned in the holiday rush.
  • Quake Champions looks great and will probably be a great esport, but I’d be disappointed in myself if I didn’t at least poke fun at how the Quake Championships announcement trailer came off as “we were doing esports before they were cool”.
  • The only thing wrong with the reveal trailer for The Evil Within 2 was that it could have been like half a minute shorter. That was terrifying, and the Friday the 13th release date killed me.
  • Bethesda unveiled Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. And… so is this year just the year of POC women stealing the show? Saturday had Janina Gavankar, and today, Bethesda introduced us to a woman that only needed 30 seconds to steal the show and sell you on an entire game.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 1.07.51 AM

  • Oh, also that was the end of this press conference. I was as surprised as everyone was. But hey, if you hated how short this press conference was, don’t worry. Nintendo’s digital event on Tuesday is going to be 10 minutes shorter!

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