Intro to Elite Review

That being said, we don’t really write that many reviews. That being said, “we” is really only one person. I’m Agro, or Aggro, though my friends know me as Evan. Evan Conley, for that matter. I write critiques and other articles about video games. Once in a while, I’ll write about anime, sometimes coherently, too! Also, on the rare and random occasion, I’ll write a half-hearted, not-meant-to-be-informative top ten list or something like that. I’m an amateur games writer and am in no way elite. So definitely expect that name to come back and bite me. It’s only a matter of time!

If you like to see me talk about things that I can’t fit into a full article, but CAN fit into 140 characters, follow me on twitter! I’m not the worst person ever, I promise.


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